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First impressions are lasting impressions. 


The proprietor of Ethan Todd Clothiers is Todd Feldman.Todd began his career in the sartorial trade in 1983, apprenticing in Manhattan with Ober Schneidermeisters—old-world master tailors who brought their craft here. Almost 30 years later, Todd is still making bespoke clothing for South Florida’s most discerning clientele, including CEOs of major corporations, bankers, lawyers, industrialists, politicians, doctors and anyone who knows that style and appearance reflect your self-confidence, discerning taste, and passion for excellence.


I have long-held, strong opinions regarding the design and cut of my shirts, but I am always open to Todd’s expert input. He is a true consultant and a consummate professional. I feel confident and comfortable in shirts sewn specifically to fit me. A shirt from Todd can make an entire business clothing ensemble come alive and help provide ‘executive presence.’ Like me, you’ll be happy that you met Todd and have a fashion consultant of his caliber as a friend and shirt maker!


I have been a custom suit and shirt patron of Todd Feldman since the 1990s. The man is a service marvel! He is always available to tend to my sartorial needs!


Todd Feldman has an eye for personal style that reflects both confidence and elegance. He is a valued partner of Dormeuil fabrics. Our company is proud to have him as our ambassador in the Palm Beach area.


Todd is an absolute pleasure to work with. His clothes are fantastic!